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Communities are shaped by a variety of social, physical, environmental and economic factors. 

The Henry County Advisory Plan Commission has chosen to get ahead of any potential negative impacts of future development or redevelopment. But perhaps more importantly than that, the Plan Commission is interested in building upon the county’s many strengths. The end result will be a new county-wide comprehensive plan that re-establishes the county’s long-term vision for future growth and development.


Why is Henry County completing a Comprehensive Plan?

  • Enhance the inherent qualities of Henry County

  • Identify and then share the values and needs of the whole community

  • Establish a clear vision and prepare for future growth and development

  • Create a document with strategies to help manage and facilitate desirable outcomes, as expressed by the larger community


What is a Comprehensive Plan?  Is it required?

  • The most common approach for addressing nearly all of the interrelated aspects of a community

  • Topics of discussion include: land use planning, housing and neighborhood revitalization, parks and recreation, environmental and natural systems, transportation and utility infrastructure, economic development, education and workforce development, and municipal and community services, among others

  • A strategic guide for effective decision-making in both private development projects and community expenditures for the public good

  • A series of written recommendations, guidelines, policies, and/or strategies to help the community realize its vision

  • A way for all members of a community to be engaged in a local and cooperative process for the purposes of creating a roadmap for the future that meets the unique needs and values of the local community

  • In Indiana, a community cannot regulate land use and development if they have not first engaged in a process of thinking about the future. The comprehensive plan is the basis for zoning and yet the current Henry County Comprehensive Plan was completed in 1999.


What are the benefits of completing a comprehensive plan?

  • Preserve and enhance the local character

  • Shape how the community changes over time

  • Promote the orderly development and redevelopment of the county

  • Improve the quality of life of residents

  • Assist local government in making land use decisions, especially as it relates to the effective and efficient delivery of public services, such as roads and utilities

  • Coordinate development and future capital expenditures within and between agencies and departments

  • Improve local conditions so as to attract more private investment

  • Avoid costly mitigation of poorly planned developments


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